I have been infected with viruses! I need help getting rid of them?

Answer Ok google Ewido that should do the job it has merged with AVG if that don`t fix it I will be suprised

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I have 6 viruses when scanned with antivirus (norton)and its infected my pc its not removing them help!!!!!?

You can try and delete the files. Nortons is really not the best.

PLS Help My Computers have been infected by lots of trojan viruses and etc!! Spywares and Adwares!! T_T?

First off, don't trust Pest-Capture! It's a bogus program to trick you into buying it.Download the following five programs:1) CCleaner does an excellent job cleaning up temporary internet files, ... Read More »

Need help with getting rid of viruses, on computer help please.?

take your computer to the place u got it and ask them to re-image it. But first back up all of your information. Your whole hard drive and c drive will be wiped out so all viruses will be gone. ... Read More »

I really need help i have nail fungus and it has been getting worse?

I have a bad nail also but it's getting better. It used really hurt. The fungus was making my nail grow really thick and jacked up. My doctor told me to keep my nails trimmed or I can try some pill... Read More »