I have been given a scanner but it has no lead to it or any software?

Answer Leads are avaiable at most computer store, whether it happens to be a Parallel or USB connection. As for the software HP's website, depending on its age it maybe in the Legecy area of the software ... Read More »

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Been given a Hewlett Packard 930c colour printer but no software how & can i use it, i use windows xp. cheers?

Here's the software from HP's site:…

Can I somehow use a scanner if I don't have the software?

You will need to download a generic driver and use it with Photoshop. What you will be looking for is a TWAIN generic driver. Once you installed this, open Photoshop and under the File menu, select... Read More »

What is the weirdest make up tip you have ever been given?

Eyeshadow/foundation on lips to give it color. Bronzer on nose to make it look slimmer?

I have been given a lens what camera does it fit?

It should say either Canon FD or Canon EF. It might say Canon EF-S. If it says FD sell it on eBay because it isn't compatible with any current Canon DSLR. If it says EF then you can use it on any a... Read More »