I have been given a lens what camera does it fit?

Answer It should say either Canon FD or Canon EF. It might say Canon EF-S. If it says FD sell it on eBay because it isn't compatible with any current Canon DSLR. If it says EF then you can use it on any a... Read More »

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Why does my basic camera have a wide angle lens I bought a canon 8mp camera and the lens is wide angle leaving shots of boxed shaped items to be curved.?

Two possible answers:1. If the curve is really exaggerated and really rounds boxes so they tend to look like a ball that "kind of" have four corners, then you may have a "fisheye" lens.2. Some less... Read More »

What lens mount does a nikon D50 camera have?

It has an "F" lens mount.source:

Should you buy a Nikon 50mm f 1 4 lens for your D200 camera you have a 18-200mm vr lens on it now?

Yes. Or the new AF-s 35mm f1.8 and the 50mm f1.8 for about the same price as the 50mm f1.4. A good lens mostly and a wide range, my 18-200mm is slow and a little soft in low light and a little dist... Read More »

Does the Kodak c875 camera have a glass lens?