I have been eating strawberries all afternoon!! Will I get sick?

Answer Probably not. But if you eat too many then you could get some stomache aches and long visits to the bathroom since your stomache may not be as used to that, so it would have a harder time digesting... Read More »

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I've been eating lots of turkey sandwiches recently... today i feel feverish and sick. Have I got bird flu?

Looks like you'll have to be rendered then.

Will you all please pray for me, I have been sick for 5 months.?

Just about everyone will test positive with the Epstein Barr Virus. After you are infected with the EBV you will develope Mono. I always thought it was the other way around. I see a Infectious Dis... Read More »

Got drunk yesterday .. just been sick .. mum and dad have found out i have been drinking .. what shall i do ?

What you did is illegal, and very dangerous. When esp a young persongets very drunk, they can pass out, and die. Alcohol affects the brainsof children differently than adults, and this is one of ... Read More »

How to Make an Afternoon Tea With Strawberries?

What is more delightful than afternoon tea? Try afternoon tea with a focus on strawberries! When the strawberry season is in full swing and strawberries are at their best, hold an afternoon tea in ... Read More »