I have bad gas and toot a lot, what should I do to solve this problem?

Answer BEANO and they'll beano more

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Many times team members have differing view points about how to solve a problem. Tell me about a time you were in this situation how did you approach the issue what was the outcome?

Please Solve this networking problem?

First of all, check the connections. From the modem... modem should be connected to the WAN/Internet port of the router and not to any regular ports. Then the switch should be connected to any of t... Read More »

My computer doesn't turn off,how to solve this problem?

get the computer in safe mode start pc say found drives or somethying like that then hit f8 123456789 untel you hear beeep beeepthe choose safe mode then last confugeration that worked good then r... Read More »

Any idea to solve this problem .help needed?

I think this is the solution: Please take out the RAM and clan the chip end using a towel or soft cloth.(rub it roughly using the towel).. please insert it again.. and turn on your pc.. Hope it wor... Read More »