I have awful toothache even painkillers aren't touching it?

Answer Be with me, and I'll take your ache away. lol

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What can i use to relieve toothache. Painkillers arent helping.?

It's time to go to see a Dentist! Why prolong it? If you dont enjoy the pain then why make yourself suffer? GO SEE A DENTIST!

What is the best painkillers for toothache?

Thyme essential oil: Two drops in 4 ounces of water for mouthwash for toothache or sore throat. MARJORAM,WILD MARJORAM - Origanum vulgare (Labiatae):The diluted oil can be applied to toothache or p... Read More »

Why do television sets have warnings to be careful about touching the circuit components even when the set is turned off?

Becuase many of the components inside the TV (capacitors ect...) hold charge for a long time after the set has been powered down. This warning is especially important in CRT sets because the Cathod... Read More »

Can you get aids by touching ur blood to someone elses blood even if neither ppl have aids?

No you can not catch aids by doing that BUT, if two guys who don't have aids stick it in each others butt you can catch aids.