I have avira antivirus problem?

Answer try an uninstall. run ccleaner, reboot, re-install making sure no other programs are running. Make sure no other anti-spyware/malware is running either.

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A question about Avira antivirus?

You can view the quarantined items within Avira and delete from there. Although i don't see the need as quarantined items are safe.

Is SpywareBlaster compatible with Avira Antivirus?

Yes, SpywareBlaster is compatible with Avira Antivirus. In fact, it is essential that you have some sort of antivirus program running alongside spyware prevention software. As further proof of thei... Read More »

Can i ask what better antivirus in windows 7 core i5 microsoft security essentail or avira?

Use Microsoft Security Essentials its free and provide high level of security for...,

Avast and avira antivirus is not install in my pc i will try but canot install?

you should check your pc whether its compatible with your system type and check weather window defender is on or off .try to install any other anti virus if the file setup may be corrupt