I have an overbite?

Answer okay i have an overbite to so it is different for everyone but heres what i went throughin 3rd grade i got a permanent retainer on the roof of my mouthit was taken off in 4th grade and i got a regu... Read More »

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What causes an overbite?

Thumb sucking and genetics, as far as I know.

Do I need braces for my overbite?

I had braces and i had them for 3 years.My teeth were awful but now they are straightened.It was worth it.Ask your parents or go to a dentist they will tell u for sure if u need braces.

Braces for a overbite x!?

you can. but the dentist doesnt handle over bite. go to an orthodontist. its costly but im pretty sure you can. you kinda need part of the braces to fix an overbite. anyways, good luck with that? lol

Can braces fix an overbite?

On One Hand: Braces Can Help OverbiteDr. Nahal Ashouri, D.D.S., of Mountain View Orthodontic in Mountain View, California, says that an overbite is one of the easiest conditions to correct. If trea... Read More »