I have an older laptop and need to find a compatible printer. Where do I start?

Answer Buy any printer that you want to! Just make sure that the print drivers will work with your Operating Systems. If you have WINDOWS 95, then you have to make sure that the printer that you want to... Read More »

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Have printer, but need the software for it. Where can I find it?

Go to they have itBetter yet, just go to HP site and download the drivers from their site.

Is a HP All-in-one printer compatible with laptops Can a printer be hooked up to a laptop?

Absolutely. I use a HP all in one with my laptop.

I need to buy a printer - where do i start?…You can read reviews by other customers about each printer they offer.If the link gives you trouble, go to and click "computers" from the l... Read More »

Where can you find an adapter to run from your printer to laptop?

Just get a docking station. That's what I did. I have an HP laptop and a Cannon printer. My docking station is made by HP but i'm sure most docking stations are compatible with all printers, lap... Read More »