I have an interview next week and I'm not sure how to answer this question ?

Answer Be honest--sayI have never had to deal with this issue. To me it is essential that confidential information be kept private. To not do so can cause harm to the person in my care and that's the last... Read More »

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Is "you should go to a doctor to make sure" a universal answer for every question in this section?

How do you get one of those little picture next to your Question/ answer I am new to this,?

Ok here is how to do it:1. Go on or You should log in if you have got an account3. Then click on yahoo mail which should be on the top right or left handside4. ... Read More »

How to Answer the Salary Question in a Job Interview?

One of the most difficult questions to answer in an interview has to do with the salary offered for the position. It’s always a good idea to avoid asking about salary, but sometimes an interviewe... Read More »

How to Answer an Interview Question About Why You Left a Job?

Well, they complained about my turning up naked each morning...The question many interviewees dread is the one about why you left a certain job that's in your resume, a job further back in your car... Read More »