I have an infected cut, what do I do?

Answer Put hydrogen proxide on it--- if it fizzes and stings it means a) that its working and b) its REALLY infected.... after that dab it dry (around it only so the bandaid will stick)... then put neospo... Read More »

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What do I do if my computer is infected and have no money to purchase a decent antispyware program?

There are plenty of FREE versions of very good software.CCleanerAd-AwareAVGAvast!There are four with free slightly-limited versions that come to mind. In fact, I use all four, myself.There are also... Read More »

Is it okay to have a shower when you have just put tcp on ypour ear lobe because it was infected?

When you have your shower the tcp will be washed off so just re=apply the tcp when you have showered..................

Can you get infected with HIV if you swallow HIV infected blood?

I have a cut on my butt and i think its infected...?

There's a cut on my buttAnd it's really startin to acheMy boyfriend tried to tease meBut it was a big mistakeNow im feeling all distortedMy crack needs special creamI don't know what to useSo for n... Read More »