I have an honest vagina question?

Answer yes 4 inches is about average. don't forget it can stretch in all directions when required. it performs many functions. its not dirty or bad, it just another part of our anatomy that performs usefu... Read More »

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Alright, let's be honest (Limewire question)?

I have had limewire for years and have not had a problem. I have several thousand files and have loaded the music and videos to my Zune with no problems. Yes you can get viruses from downloading ... Read More »

Why do people ask a question but not want to hear an honest answer?

People want to get answers from people who only agree with them. Else you get a thumbs down and certainly not a Best Answer. My question is, then.....why bother asking?

A stange question. Do your eyes bulge when you are straining to have a tunip Come be honest.?

A STANGE question indeed.If you meant A STRANGE question then it's even worse.My answer is NO - I eat proper food so I don't HAVE to strain

My friends vagina She has a question...?

The outer labia doesn't have anything to do with being considered tight or not. Everyones parts look different, your friend sounds fine.