I have an ear infection, can I take a shower?

Answer God did a real good job of designing the human body so that when it rains your head would not fill up full of water. Don’t worry too much about it, just try not to aim the water jets into you ear... Read More »

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Can you shower when you have an ear infection?

"Can you shower when you have an ear infection?"Will washing my hair in the shower hurt my ears, what should i do?" -- You can buy foam ear plugs in any supermarket or pharmacy. If you prefer, ... Read More »

Why will a shower curtain fly toward the shower when the shower is running and hang straight down when it is off?

When you have a hot shower steam is generated and, because it is warmer than the surrounding air, it rises. As the steam flows upwards, cooler air flows in to the lower level of the shower. If the ... Read More »

Can an infection from your wisdom teeth cause an infection in your brain or cause death?

Answer An infected tooth can cause death. But it isn't really from infecting your brain. It will go into your airways and swell them up then you can't breath. A tooth infection can become very s... Read More »

Which is more dangerous... Virus infection or Bacterial infection?

Both are dangerous if ignored and the new ones have come up innovative ways of duplication and cell division. Some bacterium strains do show resistance to the most powerful anti-biotic's, which is ... Read More »