I have an ear infection PLEASE HELP!!!?

Answer Advil. Hope you feel better it must be horrible. I have had ear pain and it totally sucks! hang in there. go to a different doc?

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Do I have thrush or a yeast infection Please help!!!?

Thrush is actually the same thing as a yeast infection. I've read that rubbing regular white yogurt on the area gets rid of it.

I think i have a yest infection please help!?

On the one hand, you said that you weren't going to the doctor for it. But then, you don't want the medication.Here are the only options:1) do nothing and be miserable2) Take the med your mom got f... Read More »

I'm going to the doctor because I think I have a bladder infection... Please help!!!?

Maybe tell him about the periods or if anyone is with you then tell that person..

Is this an ear infection! Please Help?

your ear drum could have something wrong with it if theres no swelling. putting peroxide in your will help if it is any kind of ear infection.