I have an annoying proxy IP stalker. What should i do?

Answer Have you blocked with firewall and htaccess: command?

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What should you do if you have a big sister that bosses you around and is annoying and what revenge should you do that she will think is funny?

AnswerWell it's not always funny to get revenge cause eventually that person will get a bigger revenge on you. But if the relationship with your big sister is based on pranks and you get along will... Read More »

I have a stalker on facebook who won't leave me alone What do I do?

Report this to facebook with some proof etc... and hopefully they should be able to block the IP address of the person. Should stop her a bit at least. Good Luck

I know the telephone number. Is there a website for who or what it belongs to Help we have a stalker?

What the hell are you doing on Yahoo Answers? Call the police, stupid!

Do you have a facebook stalker yet?