I have an FX p-7805u laptop and a Dell E11511FP PC monitor that I am trying to connect to my laptop.?

Answer Using the normal laptop display with the external disconnected go to the Gateway driver page and either download the the video driver and install it again to reset it.Once you have re installed the... Read More »

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Can I use a Dell laptop monitor with a Toshiba laptop?

Generally, a laptop monitor is similar to a normal monitor in that they connect to a device using a VGA connector. If the Toshiba laptop has the appropriate connector for attaching a monitor, then... Read More »

How to Use an External Monitor on a Dell Laptop?

Some Dell laptop owners may choose to connect an external monitor to their laptop to extend viewing space. This setup allows you to work with one or both of the monitors and toggling between screen... Read More »

How to Fix a Blank Monitor on a Dell Laptop?

A user may make the assumption that if the computer monitor is blank and won't come on, the monitor is broken and must be replaced. However, if the monitor isn't working on your Dell laptop, the sc... Read More »

Can I replace the monitor in my Dell Laptop?

The LCD monitor on a Dell laptop can both be repaired and replaced. The entire monitor can be removed and replaced from the laptop, as well as just the screen.Source:Laptop Monitor Repair