I have always heard that chiropracters do more harm than good?

Answer I prefer chiropractors over medical doctors. They manipulate the spine and vertebre into correct alignment and balance. This allows the electrical signals from the brain to get to where they are su... Read More »

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What is a good rebuttal "the internet poses too many security risks and causes more harm than good"?

I can only speak for myself. I'm 62yo, disabled, and I'm a shut-in. I can't go out at all. Guess how many friends I have? I'm isolated. But I have friends on the internet - real friends, that have ... Read More »

Is cocoa butter lotion a good sunburn treatment I've heard oily lotions aren't good for that but i'm not sure?

No, cocoa butter is not a good sunburn treatment, it will only irritate the burn even worse. You need aloe gel with benzocaine, or silver sulfadiazine, which is a burn cream. Cocoa butter has oils ... Read More »

Does reality tv do more harm than good?

Reality shows that feature drinking and young adults having casual sex with everyone they meet can be harmful. These shows are being watched by teenagers who will think that's what life is all abou... Read More »

If cancer was cured, would it do more harm than good?

Right from jump, you neglected the fact that cancer strikes most people well past the age of reproduction. And nature culls entire populations in a matter of hours and days, not with years of suffe... Read More »