I have almost given up on finding a great you know of one...that is terrific?

Answer Bella Rosa from Merrit Estate Winery.xx

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How does a vending machine know you have given the correct amount of change?

As coins are entered into a vending machine, they pass electromagnets, disturbing the energy field created by the magnets. Depending upon the size of the coin, the energy field will be affected dif... Read More »

Is it a law that parents don't have the right to know if their underage child is pregnant and is it a policy that doctor's offices finding an underage pregnancy do not have to tell the parents?

AnswerDoctors will encourage you to tell your parents so the mystery is out in the open and you can best look after your unborn child. There is a lot to being pregnant and a baby is growing inside ... Read More »

How to Make (Almost) Every Date Great?

You and your bf/gf in a date rut? Or maybe your perfect date ideas are completely different? I can change that.

I know i have fantastic features and great hair and skin...BUT....?

I think you are absolutely stunning the way you are, but a mullut would add some flavor!!!;)