I have all these pimples that I cannot seem to pop?

Answer Please post pics so we can use our expert eyes to decipher the origin of these populous specimens.

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Cannot seem to enjoy musical instruments?

learn what you want to play, your friend is enjoying themselves because they enjoy what they're playing, they're expressing themselves through songs they like. don't get me wrong, learn the classic... Read More »

Recently bought a HP deskjet 2510 printer and cannot seem to get it to work with my mac?

You probably need to download some drivers from the HP site for it.

How to Make It Seem to Others That You Have Many Friends?

So you are probably reading this because you want others to think you have a lot of friends. This could either be hard or easy.

Why is it that when you have a cold/flu etc., you always seem to feel worse in the evening?

I have been sick going on three weeks, the past two days I have thrown up more than 23 times, and have gone to the bathroom so much im almost positive I have been poisoned. I have had a fever for t... Read More »