I have adobe reader 9.3.4, do I need this download?

Answer If it is the most recent one yes.

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Why can not download adobe reader?

Are you downloading it from the Adobe website?? Get it here:…

How do I download Adobe Reader 4.0?

Find Adobe Reader 4.0Because Adobe Reader 4.0 is an outdated version, it will not be available through Adobe's site or traditional download sites such as You need to go to a site such... Read More »

How can I download Adobe Reader with dial up?

The Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 is a 16.7 megabyte file; if you have a 56K modem with typical download speeds, it will take anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes to download over a dialup connection. The updat... Read More »

Why do i have to re-download Adobe flash reader on Mac?

You don't. Who told you that you have to re-download it? You simply do not have to re-download it. Unless you trash the installer, it is still there in your "Downloads" folder.BTW, decide which one... Read More »