I have adobe reader 9.3.4, do I need this download?

Answer If it is the most recent one yes.

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Do I need adobe reader 9.2 if I have adobe reader 10 by activex?

You just need the latest version.---Kasey C, PC guru since Apple II daysError, no keyboard - press F1 to continue.

Why do i have to re-download Adobe flash reader on Mac?

You don't. Who told you that you have to re-download it? You simply do not have to re-download it. Unless you trash the installer, it is still there in your "Downloads" folder.BTW, decide which one... Read More »

Do I need Adobe Reader if I have Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader are programs available from Adobe Systems Incorporated. All the options available in Adobe Reader are also available in Adobe Acrobat, so Reader is not necessary if y... Read More »

Im having problems trying to download adobe reader. an error message says i dont have permission ?

Make sure you are logged in as administrator or an administrative main account.