I have a zit in my ear and it hurts HELP?

Answer WTF!!!! P.S. You "answered" my question, I am Emo that's why

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I have Tonsillitis hurts so much help!?

If you have any dispersible Aspirin (and are not allergic to it)you could dissolve in water and try gargling with it. As you have discovered, adults can get tonsilitis also. Hope you feel better soon.

I'm a girl and my throat hurts and my voice feels deep it hurts when I talk please HELP!!!?

Tight neck muscles will press into your throat with enough pressure to trap your tongue muscle there to make it hard and painful to swallow, your sore throat. When the muscles going to your larynx... Read More »

I have a hole in the side of my tooth and it hurts badly. Help me?

I totally understand your fear of the dentist, I dislike it as well. But at this point, I think the best to do is to try and fix the tooth. It is painful but definitely times better than pulling th... Read More »

I have a cavity and it hurts but the dentist said I dont need it filled. help?

Call back your dentist and tell them your having a lot of pain. I too had something juss like you but it wasn't a cavitty. I forgot what it was called but if they didn't fill it it would end up a ... Read More »