I have a yeast infection?

Answer Yes. You can go to the hospital for any health related issue. If it's not an emergency I would maybe just make an appointment on monday with your doctor/gyno. If you don't feel like waiting the wee... Read More »

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Can a man have a yeast infection?

Answer Yes, a man can develop a yeast infection. It is not gender-specific, as your impression may be now due to the number of advertisements targeted at women for yeast infections. Candida (the ... Read More »

Can you be pregnant and have a yeast infection?

I think i have a yeast infection?

Hello :).Your mother has been through a lot of things, discharge, menstrual cycle, sexual intercourse, pregnancy, and that itself could make her just as knowledgeable as a doctor. Do not worry at a... Read More »

Can You Still Have Sex With A yeast Infection?

yes you can. men have a very small chance of acquiring it. yeast is natural to the vagina, it's just an over growth and there is no odor associated with it. however, it might make your infection ... Read More »