I have a windows 95 cumputer,I want it to have windows XP.?

Answer If your computer is still running Windows 95 that means it is far too old to be running XP. You MAY be able to install Windows XP but it most certainly would slow your system down to a crawl. If ... Read More »

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Does Windows 8 have Windows XP Mode like Windows 7?

Not sure but I doubt it! XP will no longer be supported at the end of the year 2012!

I have windows 7 HB SP1 i want to upgrade it?

No Windows Anytime Upgrade will not remove your installation files or any other personal files it will simply upgrade to Home Premium or Professional or Ultimate based on the key you have bought a ... Read More »

I have Windows 98 and want to upgrade to the latest version What do I need to do?

The way your question reads, it seems that you want to upgrade 98. This is pointless, so please re-post to make it clear if that is what you really want, or did you actually mean that you want to u... Read More »

HELP ME COMPUTER GEEKS! PLEASE! I have Windows XP Pro and want to upgrade to Vista?

Your spec should suuport Vista but at the moment there is a lpt of hardware and software which is not fully compatible. My personal view is I never install a new O/S until at least one service pack... Read More »