I have a wiggly (little) second molar?

Answer It's hard to say if you don't know if it's permanent or baby. I don't remember my baby teeth actually hurting when they became loose, so I'm thinking the tooth in question is permanent. Also, I d... Read More »

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Is it possible to get braces on a wisdom tooth and a second molar only to close a space where a first molar was removed?

Answer I'm a bit surprised at your question. I can't believe any orthodontist would put braces on a wisdom tooth. Unless you're asking because you want to have this done. Secondly, closing the sp... Read More »

If a dentist recommends that you remove your second molar tooth instead of your wisdom tooth is that a bad choice if the second molar is in very bad condition?

Answer I'd follow the advice of the dentist, since the wisdom tooth can move forward after the second molar is removed.

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I lived in Wisconsin. We had some there but I believe they are gone now. I thought they went out of business.