I have a weird pain in my elbow?

Answer It does indeed sound like tennis elbow (tendinitis). Try alternating icing and heat, you could take an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen. You should see a doctor for the correct dianogsis. Hope y... Read More »

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Elbow pain help workout?

Rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE) for a couple weeks or so.Provided you've been pain free for several days, begin a solid stretching regimen focusing on the shoulder, biceps, triceps, fo... Read More »

Pain in the elbow, numbness in the arm.................?

Dear oh dear, dear.I had a similar thing only it was right arm. I started losing sensation in the elbow and the numbness travelled to my fingers, my middle and pinky fingers to be exact. After time... Read More »

Misdiagnosed elbow pain?

Read up on tendonitis and see if that sounds closer. If it is, you can probably cure it with a neoprene elbow brace and a little time.

Flu Shots & Elbow Pain?

Flu shots have long been recommended for children, the elderly and any others who may be immuno-compromised. The shots are now even more broadly encouraged to help prevent widespread flu outbreaks.... Read More »