I have a website. I want to pin it to the google search engine.How do I do it?

Answer If you are in Chennai or in India. Please visit this website and call Mr.Perambur Kumar immediately. He will help you in this regard. his phone no mentioned in this web... Read More »

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I have created my website but cant find it on google search.Why ?

You have to register your site in google. From this url- are three boxes.First-URL (Your website)Second-Comments (fill info about your website like if your website... Read More »

How do I block a website in Google search?

Use Search OperatorsInclude "" in your search string (without the quotation marks), replacing "" with the address of the website you want to block from your search results... Read More »

Why do people put google search in their website ?

check the url

How can I get my website to appear in Google or Yahoo search?

Getting your site to climb the listings naturally is very hard work. First you must submit your website URL to the search engines such as google and yahoo http://search... Read More »