I have a vitamin d deficiency will i die?

Answer I don't believe people die of vitD deficiency, but the body functioning properly is a self healing unit & will degenerate without needed nutrients especially vitD.I would recommend a low carb, high... Read More »

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My cholestral is a littel high and I have a vitamin d deficiency?

Get some exercise, even just going for a walk, to burn off the excess cholesterol. It will also help to lose weight. Drink more milk, or juice fortified with vitamin d

Vitamin C Deficiency in a Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs are one of several species that can suffer from a serious vitamin C deficiency because their bodies can't produce it on their own. In people, a vitamin C deficiency is called "scurvy." ... Read More »

Can breastfeeding cause vitamin d deficiency?

Breast-feeding itself does not cause a Vitamin D deficiency. However, breast milk is low in Vitamin D, which is why the American Academy of Pediatricians recommends that all breast-fed infants take... Read More »

Does vitamin D deficiency run in families?

Vitamin D deficiency can run in families that have a history of hereditary rickets, a disease that does not allow the kidneys to retain vital minerals. In addition, families that live in climates w... Read More »