I have a very unhealthy nasty disgusting habit that I can't shake......?

Answer that is nothing compared to my problem i look for used tampons and i stuff them into my mouth.It tastes like babby

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How many people think that chinese food is nasty or disgusting?

you probably have never had "real" Chinese food, the food that is served in most restaurant and food courts of America is a highly westernized versionAuthentic Chinese food is wonderful but I love ... Read More »

Do I have OCD Or just a nasty habit?

"I have this habit that I can't shake..." It is probably nothing more than that, a habit. Everyone has at least one habit that they have been doing as long as they can remember, i.e. bitting finger... Read More »

How to fix nasty habit, not tidying up straight away?

I have had kind of the same experience. I grew up in a messy house and it bothered me a lot. I swung both ways...falling into it, and then obsessively straightening. I usually wanted to do the oppo... Read More »

Oops... How to stop the nasty cussing habit?

here's what I did and it worked like a CHARM!!! let's say u say ****. mark a tally down. later you say $*$)(%)(DSKLJ($!!! mark it w/ another tally again. when you get home, let's say u said 5 swear... Read More »