I have a very sad question?

Answer Go to the apple store and recycle it…:)

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Ladies...A very personal question, have you ever..... Embarrassing?

Never happened to me... I don't handle the deep stuff well at all, and I hate the feeling of gagging, so I don't even try that.... Wow. A bit of empathy from his side wouldn't go amiss. But I guess... Read More »

Very urgent Garden trimming question - do you have any good tips?

Mighty oak my butt. More like twigs and two very small berries. One week without having his lawn mowed would cover up that stick. Here's a tip, tell him you would be more than willing to but you... Read More »

I have what I am sure is a very easy question about my computer running out of space.?

If you're running out of space, you need flash memory, not RAM.RAM is temporary memory that makes you computer run faster.It isn't true that you can't install it yourself, but if you're uncomfortab... Read More »

You have been feeling very very tired and very dizzy lately could this be a sign of you already pregnant?

Answer At the stage when you already feel dizzy it is possible to perform a home test and it would show positive 14 days after unprotecetd sex. All the best to you!