I have a very bad peanut allergy. What are some good cake/brownie mixes?

Answer Pea Nuts are not nuts they are legumes. That is why you can eat real nuts like pecans and walnuts. Read the label on any package you buy if it contains pea nuts or pea nut oil it will be listed. ... Read More »

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If you son had a deadly peanut allergy and a child at school knew it and taunted him with a peanut butter?

First, the teacher seems like s/he has the situation under control. Thank him or her for that. That's what I would do. If there is a repeat, and the teacher doesn't escalate action (contacting p... Read More »

If you'd send peanut products to a classroom or school that's peanut free because of life-threatening allergy?

It's because their are ignorant (it's all psychological), unsympathetic (don't make the rest of us suffer!), imbeciles....plain and simple.another child's life is WAY more important to me than a PB... Read More »

Could this be a peanut allergy?

No, it has to do with digesting that quantity of fat. Always adhere to the portion size on the label, which is two tablespoons. Peanut allergy, I think, causes anabolic shock, can't breathe, thro... Read More »

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil & Peanut Allergy?

According to an International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood (ISAAC) article in Lancet, large epidemiologic studies in children suggest that trans fatty acid in the diet increases the r... Read More »