I have a vertical red line on the right side of my monitor?

Answer Without actually seeing it, I would dare to guess your monitor is going bad. There is an outside chance that you video card is going bad but from your description it could be your monitor.One thin... Read More »

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A green vertical line on my viewsonic lcd monitor?

One of the capacitors in your LCD may have failed. The capacitors in your circuit board will need to be tested with an LCR meter. If it shows the capacitance as zero, that capacitor will have to be... Read More »

How to Get Rid of a Vertical Line on a Toshiba Satellite Computer Monitor?

If you are experiencing irritating vertical lines on the LCD screen of your Toshiba Satellite laptop, it is most likely the result of an internal connection problem. The only way to be sure where e... Read More »

How to Change the Monitor Setting from Horizontal to Vertical on a Gateway 26-Inch Monitor?

The landscape widescreen format most LCD monitors use is useful for multimedia and games, but it is not always the most efficient way to view content. Many monitors allow you to swivel the display ... Read More »

How do I change my monitor from horizontal to vertical?

See driver software setting to turn it 90 degrees. Since you give no information as to OS, hardware, cannot tell you more.