I have a upright freezer (ice box). Can I lay it over to use it as a chest freezer?

Answer There is a problem, but it is with the compressor and the way it works... the oil in the system will leak out of the compressor, and when you turn the freezer on it will make a loud noise as the co... Read More »

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How do I move an upright freezer?

Prepare the FreezerRemove all food from the freezer. Remove any loose shelving and drawers to move separately. Unplug the freezer, and duct tape the plug to the side of the freezer. Seal the door s... Read More »

How do I defrost an upright freezer?

First StepsTurn the upright freezer off and unplug it. Remove food from the freezer and place it in coolers or insulated containers to keep it cold while the refrigerator defrosts. Read and follow ... Read More »

Can an upright freezer be left off?

Yes, you can disconnect your upright freezer by simply removing the plug. Be sure to remove all frozen food and clean the shelves, interior and drip pan thoroughly. Once the freezer is disconnected... Read More »

Can you place a T V on upright freezer?

Sure, make sure that you freezer is not on the carpet though.