I have a underbite from my braces?

Answer Try and force yourself to bite down to the usual position before you had braces if it isn't too uncomfortable. Make an appt. with your orthodontist and inform them. Don't worry, they will fix it :D... Read More »

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Can braces correct an underbite?

On One Hand: Braces May Be HelpfulAn underbite is an orthodontic problem characterized by a lower jaw and teeth which protrude forward farther than the upper jaw when biting. This typically has mo... Read More »

Mouth guard caused an underbite. Should I get braces again, or is it not worth it?

From the pictures if you are biting down all the way it appears that you now have an open bite , not an under bite. Yes, you would need braces to fix this unless by not wearing the night guard wil... Read More »

Underbite help Really uncomfortable?

So what you say is that your lower teeth go in front of your top teeth ? Well, yes it might be your wisdom teeth, only if they are impacted, if they are out and are fine, then that isn't the proble... Read More »

What is the most likely solution for my underbite?

A few years a go, I had a serious overbite. My orthodontist gave me these gum shield which helped keep my jaw in a certain place. Months later, my teeth, and my jaw were great! No overbite! It trai... Read More »