I have a ton of misquito bites, how do i get rid of the itching?

Answer Homeopathic Treatment for Mosquito Bites :-LEDUM PAL 30C thrice a day half before meals.Take Care and God Bless you

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How can i get redness out of misquito bites?

You mentioned already honey, and I would get it on my arms for at least an half hour and than wash it away. Honey was my first thought and maybe later some healing cream like Bepanthene, that shoul... Read More »

How to Get Bug Bites to Stop Itching?

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How can i stop mosquito bites itching?


How do you make mosquito bites stop itching?

Honestly there are tons of ways to stop the itching, but its up to you which one you like the best. If you do not have access to anti-itching creams like benedril or cortaid or calamine lotion, try... Read More »