I have a stupid question...?

Answer Nope your a fattt assss buffalo.sorry =[now wtf kind of question is that.

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So i have been a member for just a week now and have a stupid question... What does BD and DH mean.?

here sweetie here it all is a-z LOL hope i didnt for get anything. Hope it helps.AF: Aunt Flo (your period)BBT: Basal Body Temperature BD: Baby dance, sexBCP: Birth Control Pills BFN: Big Fat Negat... Read More »

Okay, stupid question, but I am computer illiterate. Do I have to change both ink cartridges?

No, you only need to change the one that needs it.Usually a menu will pop up or something that tells you.I threw out all my color printers 10 years ago, even had brand new ones that came 'free' wit... Read More »

I know this is a stupid question, but do you always have the same IP address, or is it different every time?

Hello Frenzy,this is an smart question. Your IP address settings are given t you by your ISP(Internet Service Provider) and going to depend whether your account has been set to a Static or Dynamic ... Read More »

Stupid question?

stupid answer. do unicorns fly in outerspace on tuesdays? ur welcome.