I have a stress fracture can it turn to a break?

Answer They show up on X-ray totally different than an actual break, my only advice is to go get an appointment with a good orthopedic doctor, let him/her explain the issue and how to best take care of it... Read More »

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Is it possible for a stress fracture in the ankle turn into a break?

A fracture is a break, its just a more technical term for it!Im not a doctor or anything, but from past experience, continuing to go cross country walking/running will not do you any good and can m... Read More »

Stress fracture could it be?

Yes, it could be a stress fracture. The hairline fracture you had in high school might have predisposed you to that. You need to get an X-ray done for possible further treatment.

Have you ever had a stress fracture?

In 2001, I was diagnosed with multiple stress fractures in my left leg due to an osteochondroma (benign bone tumor) that was growing in my ankle from injuries sustained in 1986 when I was ran over ... Read More »

Is this a stress fracture?