I have a stalker on facebook who won't leave me alone What do I do?

Answer Report this to facebook with some proof etc... and hopefully they should be able to block the IP address of the person. Should stop her a bit at least. Good Luck

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Do you have a facebook stalker yet?

Help! Facebook stalker application :/?

right well at the end of the day it will teach you shouldn't of went on the application in the first place. its obvious that i just saw whos been stalking my wall and whos got a crush on you... Read More »

Why wont my youtube/google/facebook homepage wont work?

Have you installed any extensions lately..??I suggest you to reset Chrome :)If you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista :Press Windows Key + R to bring up command prompt. Enter " %LOCALAPPDATA%\Goo... Read More »

Facebook stalker application thing! Help!?

No, it doesn't work. Doing so would violate Facebook's Privacy Policy.The application itself says that it can't display "really creepy stalkers, as they are protected by Facebook Policy" (meaning n... Read More »