I have a stalker hacker who keeps terrorizing me?

Answer Your situation is bad... no jokes apart what you need is a great security software...If you are looking to pay for some then go for Zonealarm Internet Security Suite-> It has firewall(that will sto... Read More »

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I have had terrible times with my stalker/hacker ?

did you download'malwarebytes' from It seeks out and identifies hostile malware files and viruses, and costs you nothing..Nothing's going to protect you from problems that are already... Read More »

HELP! I Have A Hacker!?

now might be a good time to add some security to your systema firewall (just one)a anti-virus (just one)and some ad-ware and spyware removal tools (the more the better)go to Read More »

Do you have a facebook stalker yet?

I think i may have a stalker on my myspace?

You can contact MySpace, but there is no guarantee you'll get your issue resolved.If blocking him doesn't help, you only have a few choices.1. Change your settings so that someone can add you ONLY ... Read More »