I have a splitting headache, the chills, and I just vomited. What's wrong with me?

Answer if its that bad see a doctor, also let somebody you trust (family and friends) know you are really sick so they can keep tabs on you.

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What would cause my 4 year old son to have a headache stomachaches and chills all of a sudden?

I read on this forum email the company @ about replacement parts.Not e... Read More »

Whats wrong with me do i have cancer?

Sounds like sleep apnea and/or crippling anxiety. Go see a doctor.

I have a cold..whats wrong with me?

Sounds like strep...very contagious. Tell a parent!

Whats wrong with my throat, i have had this problem for 3 months now!!?

Cut down on dairy foods and don't think too much on it