I have a space between my two front teeth..?

Answer Honestly if your teeth are perfectly straight and the gap is that small you probably won't need braces. Since your only 14 (almost 15) I assume you don't have your wisdom teeth yet. As your wisdo... Read More »

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Do you have a gap between your front teeth?

Yes i do have one and i do like it :)i like it because ive always had it..and my dad has it too so its kinda special for me lol..and id look really different without it..unspecial?

Is bonding or veener the best solution if you have a large gap between your front teeth?

AnswerBonding would be cheapist, veneers are higher quality, braces correct the problem. It depends person to person. Veneers are very expensive. Either one would correct the gap, if you are a cand... Read More »

What options does a 17-year-old with huge front teeth and a big gap between them have?

Answer Your option would be to go to a dental surgeon to have then put some braces on. They do have braces that you can't see. Answer I don't know what others think, but I think they are quiet fas... Read More »

I have this really huge gap between my two front teeth, my mom said that means I'll be rich someday?

Bwilliant you have a lucky gap like my mum I love those they are so cheeky.I s'pose you could slot coins into it or use it as a ciggy bank