I have a sore ankle and need to be better for tomorrow morning?

Answer EasyMany time i have played soccer and hockey with a sprain. Wrap tape in a way to keep your ankle stiff. I dont have a picture tho so bare with me:Make sure your ankle is straight, as if you u wer... Read More »

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Urgent!! I need help because a bully said if I don't break my ankle by tomorrow he will kill me!!?

let him try....most bullies are all gotta stand up to him sometime...if your a girl, get a guy friend to come with you....its not fair for a guy to pick on a girl...if your a guy, get a ... Read More »

Cold sore and I have a date tomorrow!!!?

Here are some natural ways to help you get rid of cold sore. The following should help you:1. Ice compress (make sure not to put ice directly over the sore)2. Apply a tea bag for few minutes on the... Read More »

I always have a sore back in the morning, what can I do?


If you just have a cold, buy Allegra "D" from the pharmacy. You have to be 18 and show ID, but don't need a prescription. It is strong, so take only as directed, and be aware it will interfere wi... Read More »