I have a song burned onto my computer and...?

Answer if you do not have winamp I suggest getting it. A great media player. use… To remove voice.both programs are free and you do not have to even mess with WMP.

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I burned a dvd but it only plays on my computer and not on my dvd player?

But exactly what did you burn to your DVD ??? .You need some DVD authoring software - that takes your video and converts it to mpeg2 - then packages it into .VOB files with special file names and p... Read More »

How to Clean Burned Out Pixels on a Computer Monitor?

Cleaning and repairing burned out, or "stuck," pixels on a LCD monitor can help you to keep your computer's monitor in working order, preventing the nuisance of a damaged pixel on your display. Man... Read More »

Candle wax dripped on the LCD computer screen, how to get it off NOT BURNED INTO IT!?

wax should easily peel off by hand, if not warm it a bit (make it soft) and try peeling it off

What song is played on the new comedy central advert for two and a half men its the one where Alan Harper is on his computer and the song sounds french?

The song is called "put a donk on it" by the rascal boys!