I have a sharp pain in my vagina?

Answer Well, it is some vaginal tissue tear. It is normal and you will be ok in a short while.It cures itself.

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Why does my girlfriend's vagina have sharp spikes in it.?

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Is it normal to have pain in your vagina?

Sounds like a UTI or bladder infection - tell your parents and go see a doctor.

You've been experencing morning sickness and sharp pains in your left side and a tingling sharp pain in your stomach frequent urination and fatique you also have been having a brown tissuey discharge?

AnswerSome women do. I didn't crave anything but I did go off coffee, tea (common) chocolate and baked jacket potatoes.AnswerSome women do, some don't. Some women never have any weird cravings, and... Read More »

Im 38 weeks pregnant with your 3rd child you were dilated to 2cm last Thursday And for the past 2 days you have been having the worst pain in your sorry for the detail vagina Like PAIN not pressure?

Your due any moment really, I would call my doctor and ask them about the pain. I had pain on my cervix when I was pregnant. That was because my child was breech.