I have a severe ankle sprain! Advice please!?

Answer if u dont see doctor, u may end up amputation later.purple suggests infection. dont muck now and regret could lead to muscular dystrophy

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After ankle sprain problem please help?

Id just go to the doctors anyway, if you don't you wil have a messed up ankle your whole life! Trust me, I injured my knee when I was 10 and its banjaxed still. Same with my dad and he's nearly 50 ... Read More »

4 months after ankle sprain please help worried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…?

You need to see your doctor immediately and have an xray done!

How do you know if you have a sprain ankle?

Typical signs of a sprained ankle:Swelling, tenderness, difficulty putting pressure/ walking on it, difficulty moving it, pain, and bruising.Following R.I.C.E.:R = Rest (stay off it)I = Ice (for ab... Read More »

How long will it take for 2 broken bones on the ankle and a high ankle sprain ?