I have a screwdriver stuck in my rectum?

Answer Yeah...THATS how it got there...

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I got a marble egg stuck up my rectum and can't get it out.?

Look I feel for you I really do but there isn't another option and you know it. If your rectum bleeds that means it has a cut inside and that can lead to infections quick which can be very fatal if... Read More »

Magnetic ball tiny about 1 cm by 1cm stuck in rectum Help!!!?

You have to roll it out like in that wooden labyrinth game.

Why is a cross-headed screwdriver called a 'Philips' screwdriver?

In the early 1930s, the Phillips head screw was invented by Henry Phillips. Automobile manufacturers now used car assembly lines. They needed screws that could take greater torque and could provide... Read More »

I have a small rectum...what is the best way to go about fixing this?

butt work outs.sit on the ground on you back point your toes and lift your leg making sure that you keep your leg turned out. it hurt by the third or fourth one. but your botty will get a good shap... Read More »