I have a scrape on my leg and my dog is licking it, Will it harm my leg?

Answer Dogs produce a natural special detergent in there mouth that helps clean wounds so there shouldn't be a problem. DOGS DO HAVE CLEANER MOUTHS THAN HUMANS BECAUSE OF THE DETERGENT! OTHERWISE IF THEY ... Read More »

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How do i make a leg scrape heal faster what should i do if yellow pus is on top of the scrape?

Neosporin then a clean bandage. That's all. Keep the bandage clean and dry.

When will my scrape stop burning?

Yes, it will stop burning. Clean it well, apply some antibiotic ointment and a dressing. Remove the dressing and leave it open to air the next day, but still apply antibiotic ointment.You will be... Read More »

When will the scrape on my knee heal?

Everyone heals differently. There is no one...not even a doctor...that can predict when you'll heal, etc. Go to a doctor and get treatment for it. Putting neosporin on it 4 times isn't doing anythi... Read More »

Does offing your computer through pressing the button of your CPU will do harm to the computer,what harm issit?

Could corrupt data on your hard drive but as long as you keep a back up of anything important you should be OK, If you are very unlucky it could be a system file that gets damaged and you may have ... Read More »