I have a samsung propel pro. It won't let me bluetooth w/ the beam on..?

Answer For the best advise contact your supplier

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How do you use the sd card in a samsung propel?

Put the SD card in the Micro SD slot on the left side of the phone.Go to Menu.Go to My Stuff.Click the right button on the circle control pad.If the card is empty, you can put stuff in it by using ... Read More »

Should i buy the nintendo 3ds/3ds xl, or the samsung galaxy beam?

3DS trust me :) games can be cheap if you get used, 2nd hand games on-line, try

Ipega bluetooth controller wont connect. What is emulation?

Emulation means a program that copies the way another program works. Take a Nintendo game console. You can't hook one up to a computer but what you can do is copy the way it works using computer pr... Read More »

How to Set up a Samsung Bluetooth?

A Samsung Bluetooth headset can be set up with any cell phone that has Bluetooth capabilities. The setup process, called "pairing," makes it so that whenever you enable Bluetooth on the phone and h... Read More »