I have a round black disc, with a hole in the middle. Is this a record ?

Answer Nope. Frisbee!But,I guarantee you that, if used as such, my father will hunt you down where ever you are in the universe, turn you over his knee and whack all get out out of you. He's kinda funny '... Read More »

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Is Nursery Rhime "Ring-a-Round-The-Rosies" is appropriate as this actually refers to the Black Death ?

i guess the whole point of the nursery rhyme was to play with the imaginations of children and let them cope in their own way the seriousness of the black death.. back in those days, when we used t... Read More »

Is sky going to have hd bluray recorders that record to disc?

It is unlikely that Sky will make disc recorders. The television industry is going to great lengths to prevent pirating of content. HD material is protected in various ways; commercial agreements w... Read More »

I have a spider bite, i think...its verry small and one little black hole?

Brown recluse spider and black widow spiders are poisonous. To know more about spider bites go to this website.

How to Succeed As a Square Peg in a Round Hole?

working abroadThe continuous advent of new technology and the emanation of technology from the Asian and other countries has created a situation where cross cultural work environment has become com... Read More »