I have a ringing noise in my ears?

Answer you have ringing ears or tinnitus, many many conditions and medications can cause this. Very hard to make a self diagnosis, some people just get it for no reason too.

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Is it common to have a ringing in the ears for 3 hours after a root canal?

Yes it is. Answer Yes, it might be related to the fact that you have had your mouth open for a long period of time. It should go away after a few days.

I have constint high pitched ringing in my ears can someone please help?

Does anybody have a remedy for morgellons symptoms Such as ringing in the ears and the crawling feeling?

Here are the symptoms of Morgellons: this website might offer some insight:…

Ringing in ears im only 16?

As you are very young the tinnitus as in… is most likely only a very short term or very temporary situation and you will regain normal hearing very soon.