I have a really sore shoulder what can u do to ease the pain?

Answer always streatch......warm shower and if you work out take a powder supplement to make your muscles heal faster

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I have a really bad pain in my left shoulder for almost a year already ...?

You likely have a problem in the cervical (neck) spine that accounts at least for the upper back and neck pain. A neck problem may be causing the shoulder and arm pain and dead feeling as well, bec... Read More »

I Hit My Knee Really Hard--What Can I Do To Ease The Pain?

All I can think of is to get an ice pack, and maybe that will numb the pain a bit... Or maybe you could take a hot bath.. but I dunno how that would help, lmao. Sorry you got hurt.. :(

Could it be possible to be pregnant if you have been spotting for 2 days extremely tired breast feel heavy and sore really hungry yet dont wanna eat and abdominal pain headaches and low back pain took?

Answer Yes. Take a home pregnancy test or see a doctor. You can take the test as soon as you have missed your period First Response Early Test can be taken even 1 or 2 days before period starts. U... Read More »

I miss my babbys so much. It really hurts. What can I do to ease the pain?